Benefits of Meditation


1. Inner Peace

Meditation gives many benefits, but the most significant benefit is that of inner peace. Meditation can give us inner peace, because we learn to stop the worries and anxieties that usually fill our mind. The aim of meditation is to develop a silent mind; we do not allow any thought to enter. When we can develop a perfectly still mind we will feel inner peace. Inner peace is not just about silence. In meditation we feel the dynamic and fulfilling presence of peace; it is a peace that cannot be comprehended by the mind, it is a peace we wish to share with others.

‘If your meditation

Is truly high and deep,

Then you are bound to have

A silent dialogue with peace.’

Sri Chinmoy [1]


2. A Positive View of the World.

When we live in the mind we inevitably see the teeming imperfections of the world and other people. The faults of the world may seem unending, but we can never get satisfaction by focusing only on the failings of others. When we meditate we become aware of the good that underlies the world. Meditation spontaneously encourages us to have a positive view of the world. This is because in meditation we develop a oneness with others; we extend our consciousness and do not feel separated from other people.


3. Inner Happiness.

The happiness we gain from meditation is different to the fleeting pleasure we experience from the fulfilment of desires. The inner happiness of meditation is not dependent on outer circumstances; it is an inner joy that comes from within.

‘True inner joy is self-created.

It does not depend on outer circumstances

Or outer achievements.’

Sri Chinmoy [2]


4. Health benefits.

Meditation has been shown to give various health benefits. For example, stress can lead to raised blood pressure and heart problems. Through meditation we can let go of our stress and anxieties, this has shown by various studies to improve health. When practised properly meditation reduces stress and makes participants feel better. [3]

5. Dynamism

Meditation can energise our inner and outer being. People may feel that meditation is a retreat from the world, but meditation can also inspire us in the world of activity. Meditation gives us clarity and inner dynamism; we can use the inner benefits of meditation to help our outer activities. Meditation is about self-transcendence; in meditation we go beyond the limitations of the mind. This philosophy and application of self-transcendence can be extended to aspects of our physical self transcendence.


6. Little Things do Not Disturb us.

It is the nature of the mind that we allow small irritations to disturb our peace of mind. It can seem foolish but even minor infractions become a major source of concern. Meditation teaches us to put the mind in its proper place; we learn to quieten the mind and be detached from useless thoughts.


7. Discover our true identity.

Meditation is a process of inner discovery. Meditation teaches us that we are not just the body. When we meditate on our spiritual heart we are becoming closer to our soul. Through meditation the divine qualities of our soul become a living reality. We learn of our inner self, and this can give greater meaning to life.


8. Concentration

In Meditation we learn how to develop concentration and focus on one thing at a time. When we concentrate and put all our attention on one object only, we develop tremendous focus. The concentration we develop in meditation can be used for other activities such as work and study.


By: Tejvan Pettinger, Oxford Sri Chinmoy Centre



[1] Excerpt from Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 109 by Sri Chinmoy.
[2] Excerpt from Two Devouring Brothers: Doubt And Ego by Sri Chinmoy.
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