Meditation and World Peace

Meditation is mainly a path for the individual which leads, among other things, to inner peace. The experience of inner peace changes the character of the outer personality: tolerance and inner poise are growing, aggressions are being transformed into other energies, the understanding of different forms of living is grows deeper. The more people meditate, the more will these values manifest themselves in the outer world and influence voters and politicians alike.

Inner peace is a basis for outer peace. Real peace does not mean the absence of war; real peace means the presence of mutual understanding, love, friendship, a coexistence of people like a family of nations. A nation can only do what its leaders propose and its members confirm. In today’s world, both leaders and members of nations lack the inner peace that can eventually lead to real outer peace. The work for peace has to start small, it has to start with the individual. Whoever starts with himself and finds real inner peace does eventually the greatest favour to the world at large.