Relaxation Exercise



Before each meditation exercise it is worth spending a few minutes relaxing the body. One way is to imagine/feel the tension moving out of your muscles and down your body so that all the tension finally runs through your feet and into the ground.

Sit with a straight back, but do not overdo it so that the back becomes tense. Concentrate on focusing your awareness/attention on specific muscles of your body. Starting with your head, feel the tension drain downward out of your face. Move your awareness down the neck – imagine that you can push the tension downward and that the muscles relax and soften. Continue down the body, especially work on the shoulders and stomach muscles. Keep moving the tension downward until you reach your feet. At this point imagine all the accumulated tension is forced out of your feet and into the floor. Now bring your awareness to the centre of your chest. Imagine that there is a vast sea of peace in the centre of your chest. Spend a few minutes enjoying the tranquillity within yourself.
Key points of exercise

    *      Get rid of the tension within the body.
    *      Be aware of the tension – and the tranquillity – within yourself.

Purpose of exercise

    *      Relaxing helps us to ‘centre’ and to feel that we are in the present moment

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(photo by Abhijatri)