How Long Should I meditate for?

How long should I meditate? Is fifteen minutes enough, or should I try to meditate longer?

It depends on the individual. If you are able to meditate for more than fifteen minutes, do so. But it has to be absolutely sincere and soulful. To sit for an hour just to make yourself feel that you are an advanced seeker will be a mistake. The soul will not be there. You may meditate for five hours, but the meditation will not give you any joy. It will not be fruitful at all. You will only give yourself a headache. If a person can meditate for fifteen minutes most soulfully, and after that, if he feels that he has the capacity to continue, then he can continue. But if he doesn’t have the capacity, then it will be a waste of time.

The best thing is to meditate for as long as you can without creating any mental tension. It depends entirely on your capacity. Increasing your spiritual capacity is like developing a muscle. Today you may exercise and become tired after five minutes. After two months | you may be able to exercise for half an hour or even j more, because you have developed your muscles. There is also a spiritual muscle, which is aspiration. How long and how sincerely you can cry for God depends on the strength of your inner muscle.

Sri Chinmoy